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The First Collection of Poetry and Prose by Six-Time and Three-Time #1 Hot New Release Amazon International Bestselling Author Diane Morasco and American Actor and First-Time Author Jeremy Jackson

New York, NY (September 15, 2017) 

“It starts with a tear in the heart that leads to a soul rupture.”

Soul Rupture is the first collection of poems and prose from The Soul Evolution Series by Diane Morasco and Jeremy Jackson.

In Soul Rupture Morasco and Jackson capture what is raw, real and relatable about the heart-wrenching moments in life. “It starts with a tear in the heart that leads to a soul rupture.” With honesty, poignancy, and a soul-stirring ability this gifted duo extracts the most adrenaline-charged agony and the most heart-rending ache of life, loss, and love into a few effortlessly evocative lines, certifying that their words will forever become etched in your soul—and will awaken and heal your heart.

Praise for Morasco

Morasco has been hailed “the Maya Angelou of our time” with the breathtaking prose she delivers while recounting her life in an abusive relationship in her Debut Amazon Bestseller and #1 Hot New Release Even Tough Women Can Crack Like Eggs Sometimes.

“Morasco endured the type of devastation that leaves ashes for the Phoenix to rise from. Kudos Diane Morasco, for telling it like it was. Namaste.” – Tavia Lareese, Amazon Five Star Review

Paranormal author Darlene Burns calls Morasco “A Blue Diamond” and puts Morasco in the same ranks as her mentor Stephen King when it comes to talent.

Diane Morasco Official Statement:

“There has only been a soupcon of individuals in my sphere who have encouraged me, inspired me and helped mold me into the woman I am today. One of those brave, miraculous and nurturing souls is My Grace and My Salvation, Jeremy Jackson. It is my soul’s mission that my actions illustrate the appreciation, honor and respect I hold for him. I pray the gifts Earthly King has bestowed upon me leaves a legacy of Grace, laughter and unconditional love, which betters our planet the way this Cherished Warrior, Gentle man, and Infinite Blessing has made my orbit better. In a nutshell, Earthly King’s essence took my Spirit from Soul Elevation to Soul Evolution.” – Diane Morasco

More from Morasco

Morasco stays in her own realm and does not care about Jackson’s past “that was his life before me. We know each other from where The Almighty placed us.”

Morasco trusts Jackson explicitly to the point that she is negotiating for him to play her ex in the adaptation of her book. She will not move forward with any deals if he is not cast in the lead. She is also resolute on who should be cast as her uncle – “Sasha Mitchell” she states without hesitation.

“Sasha Mitchell is the first boy I ever trusted. He is the first man I ever trusted. Sasha is the anchor who pulled me through Act One. I am eternally grateful for his presence in my life. I was blessed I was given the gift to thank him for saving my soul.”

“Cherished Warrior is the anchor who pulled me through Act Two of torture and torment, which almost took my life. I am blessed, grateful and humbled Earthly King is along for the voyage with me for Act Three.”

Praise for The Soul Evolution Series

“Bravo, Diane Morasco! …empowering and inspiring. – Darlene Burns, Paranormal author

“Diane Morasco reminds me of the legendary Linda Goodman. Morasco is a carefree spirit who takes her heartache and pain and transforms the lives of those she touches like Goodman. She is an accelerator who will be responsible for the growth and exploration of the worlds she creates.” – Shaii Nyatefra, Teacher, Egyptologist, Health and Wellness Expert

“I am speechless. Diane Morasco your words are everything. Your words always inspire me and give me a push. Your words give me good vibes!!!! Bless you, sister.” – Raghed al Obaedy, Master of Arts Student

“Diane Morasco is pure magic – Morasco Magic. #MorascoMagic ” – Ryan Merriweather

“Diane Morasco makes people better humans with her words, with her heart, and with her spirit. – Chris Jones, Writer, Actor, Aspiring Director, and Editor-in-Chief at Pride Buzz

“The pairing of the captivating Morasco and artistic Jackson is absolute creative brilliance. Morasco and Jackson are two highly charged bursts of energy that will alter the universe and burn a mark on the planet unlike any other.”  – Parris Afton Bonds, Co-Founder of Romance Writers of America, New York Times–bestselling author and Namesake of the Parris Award

“Diane Morasco is a writer to be experienced. She paints beautiful canvases with her words that evoke emotions to come alive in your spirit. Diane Morasco and Jeremy Jackson were destined to be.” – Cinda Boyd, M.A., LICSW Trauma Therapist

“What happens when a fractured girl meets a broken boy? Angels cry. Diane Morasco and Jeremy Jackson were meant to come together. The two geniuses fill the sky with sunlight and shooting stars to bring hope and healing to others.” – Brianna Meriwether


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