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RWA 2018


Join Romance Writers of America for RWA2018 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel in Denver, Colorado, July 18–21.

The RWA Conference is the place where career-focused romance writers gather to make lasting connections and grow their careers—and so much more. When 2,000 romance writers and industry professionals assemble in one place, the sense of community is undeniable.

At the conference, career-focused romance writers can anticipate:

  • education and information,
  • networking with fellow writers,
  • interaction with editors, agents, publishers, vendors, retailers, and other romance publishing industry professionals.
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Tax Deductions for Writers

Tax-Deductions-for-WritersThe writing business is like any other business, which means you get the advantage of business-related tax breaks.

If you are a writer and are netting money from your writing (or are at least honing your craft and grinding to earn money from it), you can deduct supplies connected to your writing enterprise.

Advertising, marketing and promotional costs. Advertisements, banners, bookmarks, business cards, flyers, and websites that function as advertisements.

Bank fees.

Book-launch and/or book-signing event expenses.

Car expenses. It is crucial to use an agenda, logbook, mileage journal, or software to track your mileage. The IRS necessitates the records be kept concertedly. Therefore, estimates are not permitted; there must be tangible mileage accounts.


Computer. A sundry of independent individuals click and tap on their computers privately as well as professionally, thus it is imperative to log the percent of business versus private use. Writers subsequently implement the ratio of work-related use to the amount and functioning incidentals, and apply the calculation as a base for their deduction.

Conference fees.

Contest fees.

Contract labor. Editors, graphic designers, proofreaders, web designers, or any individuals you employ as an independent contractor.


Domain name costs.

Entertainment. Be realistic.

Fax machine.

15-Proven-writing-tools-for-college-students-620x412Furniture / Equipment. Old stuff? Absolutely! You can deduct that timeworn stuff you’ve had since way back in the day. How? You deduct the lesser of its price or its reasonable market worth.

Home Office. You can deduct a home office if you operate the area exclusively and as your primary place of business. The zone cannot be used for private activities, it must be used entirely for writing tasks. The expanse does not have to be a widespread area, any area with a computer and a desk can indeed be used as an office. Please note, you cannot have another space outside of your home for your writing projects. Hence, several writers dread that the home office is a red flag. Be mindful, as long as you respect the guidelines, you don’t have anything to fear. How do I gauge my home office space? Measure the square footage of your home office, then divide that sum by the total square footage of your home. Apply that calculation to home maintenance, homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, mortgage and rent fees, property assessments, repairs, and utilities.

Insurance. Business, home, medical, and renter’s.


Business licenses.

Log business-related calls. 

Meals. Business Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners.

Merchant charges. The IRS does permit merchant fees (PayPal or shopping cart fees) to be included in expense of commodities sold.


Print-on-demand expenses.

Research excursions.

Research materials. Amazon Prime, books, comics, Hulu, magazines, Netflix, and newspapers.




Self-publishing expenditures.

Supplies. Folders, highlighters, markers, notebooks, paper, paper clips, pencils, pens, postage, printing costs, software, and other writing materials.


Travel expenses.


Writing Association Fees.

Writing Group Dues.


Keep an independent checking account for transactions related to writing. It is critical to remember that if you claim your writing as a profession, the IRS anticipates you to begin making dough eventually or else is it considered a hobby.

In a nutshell, the significance to calculating tax deductions for writing-related business expenditures is to keep meticulous receipts and records for everything. Just in case you are ever audited, you’ll have the documentation to back it up. However, if you are uncertain, please confer with a professional tax preparer.

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Time Management Tips for Writers: #2: Email or text your ideas when you’re out and about!


Greetings Writer Cookie Cakes!

One of the biggest challenges a writer faces today is making efficient use of their time. Way too often we get sucked into the social media vortex and lose precious time. And to make matters worse, we fool ourselves into thinking we are marketing and networking to justify the hours chomped up clicking, liking, posting, and sharing. Oy!

As an Indie author wearing all the hats, even if you outsource some of your work, this is detrimental to you as a writer. In a nutshell, it will place a boulder and eventually create a sinkhole on your publishing road to triumph. Is this what you want? NOOO, HONEY! Ya don’t. At least, I hope not. And, if it is, please enlighten me as to why ya want ya arse in a friggin’ ditch? Please, fill me in, so I don’t waste my precious time bustin’ my rump helping you to fill those potholes. I am not into perspiring. Well, only during exercise and… Oops! Never mind. Hahaha!

For the next few weeks, I am going to share some tips on how to manage your time more productively so you can get your drafts, edits and novels completed on schedule. And, don’t ya dare say, ya don’t have a schedule. *wink*

Time Management Tips for Writers: #2: Email or text your ideas when you’re out and about!

I love this. I do this and have for years. What do you do when your creative brilliance powers on? And not just a lil’ ol’ light bulb, cookie cakes, I am talkin’ about lights as bright as Broadway. YESSS, HONEY! That is what I’m talkin’ bout. But there is no pen or paper within our grasp? Uh oh! Just email or text it to yourself. Ya don’t have to fret your brilliant mind ‘because you have it covered.

See ya next week for my next Time Management Tips for Writers!