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headshot_1DNC is an emerging writer, poet and inspiration pusher who’s debut novella, Untraditional: A Collection of Passion-Fy Short Stories, hit Amazon’s Best Seller’s list several time in its first year. With the goal of merging contemporary romance with poetic innuendos of erotica, and empowering women to pursue their personal passions in their unique way, DNC is creating a moment for something new and real in the writing arena.

At an early age in St. Louis, MO, DNC fell in love with writing. Creating her own books, with just a stapler and folded loose-leaf paper, she composed stories about best friends who travel to unknown islands and beat monsters in dark caves. As she grew, her relationship with writing translated to more mature topics like puppy love and its pain. However, their relationship would be become tested by grammar rules and her creativity began to dissipate. It was then, that she decided to take a step back and sever their connection.

She missed writing, but was unable to find a source of inspiration or motivation. It wasn’t until the devastating and sudden loss of her mother that she revisited her old love and turned to writing as her therapeutic outlet. She rekindled their affair, and would delve into darker, more sensual and alluring topics. One topic, in particular, catered to her personal imagination and intrusiveness-sexual exploration. She coined a new genre, passion-fy, that teeters the line between contemporary romance and adult erotica.

Untraditional, DNC’s debut novella, hit Amazon’s African-American Erotica Best Seller’s and was featured at the Emerging Writer’s Tent, during the 2016 Decatur Book Festival–the nation’s largest independent book festival. Her next project, a collection of poetry entitled Like. Love. Lust., will be released on November 27, 2016, and she remains excited about crossing over into new genres. She actively blogs within her blogosphere, Mid-WYFE Crisis, and shares short stories, poems and intimate details about her ongoing romance with writing through her creative writing microsite, Mid-WYFE Chronicles by DNC.

DNC currently resides in Atlanta, GA where she enjoys family life as a wife and mother of three amazing girls and two dogs. She continues to pursue her passion in writing while pushing to deliver on her most poetic dreams.20160911_073212

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about writing?

There is no formula but if you take risks and stay dedicated to honing your craft, you will always be proud of the final product.

How has this helped you as a writer?

There are a lot of standards set; “formulas” that some attempt to use. But what I’ve learned is each literary journey is different from those like Nikki Giovanni to J. K. Rowling. But the one consistent variable is always dedication and risk taking. So far, by being both, my debut, Untraditional: A Collection of Passion-Fy Short Stories has hit Amazon’s Best Seller’s List for African American Erotica several times and my readers are digging my words. That’s is the most important factor in the whole thing—reaching and engaging with readers.untraditional_coverart

Mac or PC?

Both. At home, PC is who captures my story while Mac follow’s me on the road.

Do you use Word or Scrivener?

I’m old school and stuck in my ways so I keep it simple with Word.

Do you write or take notes with an iPad or tablet?

Neither. Is prefer either my old fashion spiral notebook or my cell phone.

Do you have any writing rituals?

When I’m at home I do, where I get my wine or coffee read which depends on the time of day, light my scented candle and get the mood right with the appropriate music.

Do you start by writing or researching first?

I write and research along the way. I use what I already know or believe and fact check as I fine tune the draft.lll_cover_winningcover_c_nov2016_front

Favorite spot to write in the winter?

My home writing nook, right next to my “Off The Wall” album and daily mood dice.

Favorite spot to write in the summer?

On a calm beach with a Patron Margherita.

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