A Writer’s Life – Must-Have #1 The Discbound Planner!

jadbrpI’d like to thank fellow writing colleague Jamie Raintree for her blog post The DiscBound Planner For Organizing Your Writing Life – Create 365 Happy Planner. I was so excited to read her post and learn about the Discbound system. I have finally found a writing tool that fits my lifestyle and grows with me. I can customize it anyway I’d like.

Last week, I was excited to start my hunt for a Discbound Planner and shared about my search with Jamie, as well as, my two writing bursts of vitamin C – Tanya R. Taylor and Diana Layne. I share my life – and my writing life – with these two incredible and TOUGH women. Diana and Tanya encourage, listen and understand.

What a blessing it is to be uplifted in a world where women are the worst offenders of yanking a woman to the ground to pulverize. Seriously, it is so unbecoming. Women need to stop the backbiting, backstabbing and jealousy infused bitchiness. There is enough for everyone – if you don’t have what Samantha Who has, it’s okay, cookie cakes, because IT’S NOT YOURS. You have yours and more is coming. And guess what? Samantha Who doesn’t have what is destined for you because IT’S NOT HERS. Catch my drift? If not, don’t worry, I won’t let you get eaten by sharks. I’m not that kinda cookie cake – I’ll just let your arse meditate for a bit while you drift a little farther from the shore. So, in a nutshell, there is room for every chica to soak up the sunshine and luxuriate in the moon glow. Really! You just have to believe in yourself enough to know all you want and need is yours and only yours. Got it? Good. But, in case you don’t understand, here is the remix – IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT, IT WASN’T MEANT FOR YOU, BOO! Yep, I used the word boo and I detest that phrase, but it’s a remix and anything goes – kinda. Sorta. *wink*

As I was saying, we motivate each other on our author voyages – Snarky Yawker with a side of Joisey, Texas Sharpshooter and Serene Bahamian. Diana (Texas Sharpshooter) introduced me to Jamie (Colorado Cool) and I introduced Jamie to Tanya (Serene Bahamian). And, my excitement for joining the Discbound revolution took flight. I was going to go with a Happy Planner…until I discovered this FABULOUS Discbound Rainbow Planner from Jane’s Agenda. This is it, cookie cakes. This is the one that was created with me in mind – I guess the universe whispered to Jane’s creative muse to wink at mine and all because of the awesome Ms. Raintree and her creative muse. Hahaha!!! How cool is that? Waaayyy cool!

Thank you, Jamie, for the terrific blog post and for the inspiration. Jamie Raintree is an author, a writing business teacher and the creator of the Writing & Revision Tracker. Click here to read her Writers on Writing interview.


About the Discbound Planner | Rainbow by Jane’s Agenda

This complete discbound planner includes a dated monthly and weekly calendar and your choice of two extras (such as note pages, dot grid pages, budget pages, address pages.) Dated from September 2016 to December 2017 (16 months) Calendars feature all national holidays, seasonal occurrences, and religious holidays for Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religions. Weekly pages feature a scheduling section, grocery list, notes, daily task check boxes, weekly task, and meal planning sections. You will find 34 lined note pages, and 34 blank pages spread throughout the months. Includes a personalized front cover and free USPS Priority shipping within the United States.

Sounds fab, huh?

Please forgive the images for not being hi-res. I reached out to the designer for them but she did not send them in time for this post. Enjoy anyway, cookie cakes!