eBook Review: Christmas Canapés & Sabotage by Janel Gradowski

Christmas Canapes and Sabotage JG (2)Synopsis: Amy Ridley is excited to be participating in the Holiday Celebrations Competition to kick off her Christmas season in Kellerton, Michigan. Local cooks are set to compete for prizes then serve their best party dishes to holiday revelers. Amy has her eye on a special prize, but she has a difficult time concentrating on creating a perfect party buffet when a plague of problems begins to whirl around her. Can Amy figure out who is sabotaging the competition in time to create a prize-winning tablescape and take home the ultimate Christmas gift?

My thoughts: Gradowski’s charming holiday short story mystery is absolute pure fun. Christmas Canapés & Sabotage is exhilarating, festive and an impressively plotted caper.


Christmas Canapés & Sabotage features intriguing characters with an energizing heroine to boot! Amy and Alex are sheer magic together and their scenes are spicy but elegantly written by the extremely skilled Gradowski.


Gradowski brilliantly describes the arctic climate in such a way readers will be reaching for a warm, fluffy blanket and a hot cocoa brimming with marshmallows.


As the mystery unfolds, readers wonder who is behind the shenanigans and Gradowski does an outstanding job keeping them guessing until the pivotal moment we discover whodunit.


Gradowski is a well-oiled machine when it comes to merging attention-grabbing mystery and good old-fashioned storytelling.


And the delectable recipes will make you want to drop everything and start cooking.


Review first appeared in Long Island Book Reviews Examiner.


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Stellar Series Spotlight: Pies & Peril (Culinary Competition Mystery #1) by Janel Gradowski

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00001]Growing up books were my sanctuary. I would curl up and read with my pets, my cousin’s pets when I was sleeping over or just visiting her house. Christine’s pets ranged from birds to cats to dogs to ducks to turtles! I definitely hold “story time” with Petey, Kim, Yim, Cocoa, Sammie, General, Fifi, Daisy, Donald, and the rest of the menagerie as a precious memory during a turbulent childhood.

I had a bunch of books, comics, and magazines at the beach, on the boat, in the car, at the doctor, at picnics, sitting poolside, at school, and visiting my ma’s family. I always had something with me to read. As a child, reading was my escape, my haven and my stillness from an extremely chaotic upbringing and it is my bliss, my calmness and my refuge as an adult.

I have been challenged, encouraged, and solaced by the written word.

I will share my new favorites and all-time beloved reads with you in my Spotlight Titles. I hope you discover or rediscover a cherished friend.

This week’s Stellar Series Spotlight is Pies & Peril (Culinary Competition Mystery #1) by Janel Gradowski.

Cheers to the written word!


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