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Happy National Pizza Day! #VeganPizza #GoVegan


Here are some fun pizza facts to help celebrate National Pizza Day:

  1. Pepperoni pizza is the most popular pizza type in the world.
  2. Over 3,000,000,000 (three billion) pizzas are ordered every year in the U.S.

  3. Over 1,000,000,000 (one billion) frozen pizzas are purchased every year in the U.S
  4. The 1st pizzeria to open in the U.S. was Gennaro Lombardi in 1895 in New York City.
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Happy National Popcorn Day!

The oldest popcorn known to date was discovered in 1948 by anthropologist Herbert Dick and botanist Earle Smith in the “Bat Cave” in west central New Mexico.

Archaeologists deduce that popcorn was first made by throwing corn kernels on sizzling hot stones tended over a campfire, or onto heated sand, causing the kernels to pop. It was not eaten as a snack food: the corn was sifted and then pounded into a fine, powdery meal and mixed with water. This same cooking technique was used by the early Colonists, who mixed ground popcorn with milk and ate it for breakfast as a kind of cereal.

A fourth century C.E. Zapotec funeral urn found in Mexico depicts a maize god with symbols representing primitive popcorn in his headdress. Ancient popcorn poppers, shallow vessels with a hole on the top and a single handle, have been found on the northern coast of Peru and date back to about 300 C.E. Peruvian Indians called the popcorn pisancalla. A 1,000 year old popped kernel of popcorn was found in a dry cave inhabited by predecessors of the Pueblo Indian in southwest Utah.

Native Americans flavored popcorn with herbs and spices.

Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes first learned of it during his 1519 of what is now Mexico. He cataloged in his travel journals that the Aztecs used the popped corn, or momochitl, as decoration for ceremonial wreaths, necklaces and ornaments on the statues of their gods. Click here to read more.

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Happy National Fig Newton Day!


Today is National Fig Newton Day, but don’t expect to be eating any Fig Newtons — at least of the Nabisco variety. That’s because Fig Newtons as you know them, as you grew up eating them out of the classic yellow box, no longer exist. They’re just “Newtons” now.
In 2012, Nabisco, which is now a subsidiary of Mondelēz International, decided to drop the “Fig” in “Fig Newton.”


The Fig Newton was named after the town of Newton, Massachusetts; it was the custom of the original manufacturer, Kennedy Biscuit Works of Cambridgeport (now Cambridge, Massachusetts), to name cookies after towns in the Boston area. Kennedy Biscuit Works was affiliated with the New York Biscuit Company, which became part of the company now known as Nabisco. According to Nabisco, the cookie was invented in 1891 by a Philadelphian, James Henry Mitchell, who created the duplex dough-sheeting machines and funnels that made the jam-filled cookies possible. He thought of the soft dough with fruit filling as cookie “pies.”

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