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Founded in 2011 in New York by Diane Morasco, Morasco Media International Inc. ™ (MMII) transformed early 2012 into Morasco Media™ (MM) to respond to the demands of taking on clients. Morasco Media™ is dedicated to showcasing the media’s elite by leading and succeeding in an increasingly more engaged, more connected media environment with invigorating and unrelenting publicity, promotions and publication stratagems.

On May 29th 2013 Morasco Media ™ officially unveiled its publication imprint – J Fox Ink™

Our Purpose
•To entertain, educate & enrich.

Our Core Force
Be Fierce!

•We – It’s a collaborative effort to do phenomenal things.
•Innovate – Envision and search for a better solution. Then stretch out of your comfort zone to soar above it!
•Laugh – It empowers.
•Respect – You’ve got nothing without it.
•Dare – Take chances, accept challenges, play fair, play hard and play to win.
•Give back – Literacy and children are the driving force for Morasco Media™

What We Do
Morasco Media™ experts serve as advocates, facilitators and intelligence gatherers for our clients. And while many of our endeavors are rooted within one specific area, Morasco Media™ frequently executes highly successful ventures utilizing cross-practice resources.

Our media services are designed to help clients take control of their social media lives.

A portion of our gross income helps protect animals, children & the homeless.

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Morasco Media Testimonials

MM Logo“Diane Morasco exemplifies every quality I look for in a person. Not only is she genuine and honest, but she’s also savvy about what’s going on in the world of entertainment today and how to maximize opportunities. Add in her impeccable integrity and undaunting strength as a woman, and you start to get a glimpse of the whole package.” — Liz Lipperman

“The first word that comes to my mind when I think of Diane Morasco is: delightful! She is truly fun to work with. She’s also smart, clever and very savvy. I have no doubt that she puts 120% of passion into everything she does. I always look forward to working with Diane!”– Paige Shelton, Author Farmers’ Market and Country Cooking School series

“Diane thank you for that awesome interview! Girl you got skills! I had the best time. Thanks again mama.” — Paula Clarke, Bloomberg

“HOT SAUCY SASSY INTERVIEW by the multi-talented Diane Morasco, I found myself on the hot seat with some of her insightful, provocative questions and realized why she is so sought-after in the media world. I count myself most fortunate to be included among her literary favorites.” — Parris Afton Bonds

“Thank you for the wonderful review, Diane! So fun.” – Juliet Blackwell Murder on the House #3 in the Haunted Home Renovation Series.

“Hi, Diane – garsh, this review makes me truly blush. Thank you! And – you have an amazing way with words. Hugs.” — Paige Shelton

“Book, Line and Sinker reviewed by one of my favorite book critics Diane Morasco! She liked it! Whew and Yay! I love this review so much if it were a person, I’d marry it! Favorite line: “Book, Line, and Sinker is adventurous, courageous and dangerous! A keeper and a secret to share with all bookworms.” Thank you so much, Diane! You are spectacular and one heck of a wordsmith!” – Jenn McKinlay

“Diane Morasco – No one writes a review like you do. You are the orchid of book reviewers. Exotic, beautiful, and rare.” – Ellery Adams

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On May 29, 2013, Diane Morasco Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Diane Morasco Enterprises LLC™ officially unveiled its Morasco Media™ publication division J Fox Ink™ in honor of her hero and reason, Jacob Fox.

With the inaugural 2014 launch of the J Fox Ink™ imprint, showcasing a diverse array of debut and previously published authors, J Fox Ink™ Publishing is the first amalgamated independent publisher and publishing house offering literary representation, media packaging and publishing.

In addition to the J Fox Ink™ imprint, Diane Morasco has added a young adult imprint, Little Jake™ and a children’s imprint, Lil’ Fox™; which she proudly articulates the Lil’ Fox™ name was conceived during a brainstorming session with her hero, reason, fiancé and imprint namesake Jacob Fox.


Founder, CEO, Chief Creative Officer, and Publisher Diane Morasco is ready to follow the guidance of ex-fiancé and imprint namesake to stop taking on clients and spearhead the company exclusively with her “phenomenal talent.” As of November 2016, J Fox Ink™ will exclusively be Diane Morasco’s Word Atelier.


Diane Morasco ended J Fox Ink™ January 2017.

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