J Fox Ink™



On May 29, 2013, Diane Morasco Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Diane Morasco Enterprises LLC™ officially unveiled its Morasco Media™ publication division J Fox Ink™ in honor of her hero and reason, Jacob Fox.

With the inaugural 2014 launch of the J Fox Ink™ imprint, showcasing a diverse array of debut and previously published authors, J Fox Ink™ Publishing is the first amalgamated independent publisher and publishing house offering literary representation, media packaging and publishing.

In addition to the J Fox Ink™ imprint, Diane Morasco has added a young adult imprint, Little Jake™ and a children’s imprint, Lil’ Fox™; which she proudly articulates the Lil’ Fox™ name was conceived during a brainstorming session with her hero, reason, fiancé and imprint namesake Jacob Fox.


Founder, CEO, Chief Creative Officer, and Publisher Diane Morasco is ready to follow the guidance of ex-fiancé and imprint namesake to stop taking on clients and spearhead the company exclusively with her “phenomenal talent.” As of November 2016, J Fox Ink™ will exclusively be Diane Morasco’s Word Atelier.


Diane Morasco decided to end J Fox Ink™ January 2017.

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