Diversity in Writing

dianes-photoI wanted to chime in on this subject for a quick sec. I have been hearing about “adding diversity” in the writing community lately in my author travels.  I usually don’t pay attention to that gibberish because being a triple fusion of vanilla, caramel and chocolate, I am a diverse cookie cake. However, if there isn’t a representation of diversity in literature, it is because the writers aren’t representin’!

Authors need to stop moaning from the pulpit that there is a lack of diversity in literature – or in the entertainment business for that matter. So, here is my CALL TO ACTION TO MY FELLOW AUTHORS: QUIT YAKKING. What you need to do is get off the soapbox and get to tapping on a keyboard, scribbling on paper or blather away during dictation.

The reason there isn’t a wide spectrum on the shelves is because they aren’t writing about it. Now, please don’t get your intestines in a twist over my words. Diversity runs the gamut from genetically melded characters to food to holidays to atmosphere to disabilities to sexual orientation to The Haves and the Have Nots. It is a gumbo created from the universe we inhabit.

And it should come as no surprise to folks that my characters will be mixed because I am. YESSS, HONEY! I AM REPRESENTIN’!

Check out NaNoWriMo’s Let’s Add Diversity! (featuring Ariel Bissett) to dig into it. #WORD!_amadiversewriter-1


Introducing The Art of Storytelling with Morasco & Taylor™


From The Official Blog of Author Tanya R. Taylor™:

I am so excited to team up with this phenomenal storyteller.

There are some awesome projects in the making for next year – great collaborations with talented writers who pride themselves on telling an unforgettably good story. I am happy to announce one of these collaborations which will take place between myself and the very talented Diane Morasco. We will provide interesting and helpful content for aspiring writers.

Official Introduction

It started with a whisper in The Granite State. It was this whisper that led Diane Morasco to take heed. Listening to the inner stirrings of her creative genius, she came up with an idea – she has a lot of those – and decided she wanted to give back to the community that rescued her from a chaotic childhood.

On June 30, 2016, she shared her vision with me and that day, The Art of Storytelling with Morasco and Taylor™ was created.

We know the importance of giving back…

From A Childhood Prayer to Authenticity on November 22nd 2016

With Even Tough Women Can Crack Like Eggs Sometimes entering the world on November 22nd, I want to take a moment to thank the lovely and phenomenal woman who has signed on to edit all my writing stuff. Hahaha!!!

On July 3rd when I was guided to write Even Tough Women Can Crack Like Eggs Sometimes, I hadn’t a clue it would turn into my debut novel. Although, I didn’t, my Creator did. I had other plans – don’t we all? : / It is good to make plans but we know what happens when we do. Something goes awry. I was not “in control” with this decision. Nor have I ever been in control despite fooling myself into believing that I could alter the landscape. How did that work out? Not so great. I decided for this chapter of my life to “go with the flow” as someone used to tell me. I kept my hands off of it. I am not the one steering the yacht. I had to accept the universe was lining up the events for quite a while to bring me to this point. It was when I started to see the connections, cookie cakes, it all made sense. I could not write the book I wanted to until I wrote the book I was designed to. In fact, I couldn’t write any book at all if I didn’t write Even Tough Women Can Crack Like Eggs Sometimes. I wasn’t too thrilled with this fact; however, it is the way the universe knitted the fabric of me. Would I change it? Nope. Not at all.

As the manuscript wraps up and leaves my sheltered nest, I am feeling a plethora of emotions. There will be edits and there will be a goodbye. I am passing a piece of my soul on to someone to polish and shine my life into a remarkable masterpiece. A masterpiece that will not remove my voice. I was terrified to do this because I did not want an editor to scrub any pieces of me away to make it “commercial” ready. Thankfully, it isn’t going to happen. My heartache, sobs and victories will glisten through her exceptional editing skills. She will zoom in with a keen eye and polish with a pure heart. A woman who not only knows me, but understands me. Yes, this is my first novel. Yes, I am nervous. Yes, I don’t know what to expect. But what I do know for sure is, I was gifted by the universe to have a remarkable travel companion on my publishing journey. So, when you see my name as author, please know the clarity and flow is due to my phenomenal editor, Tanya R. Taylor. Yes, the prolific storytelling phenomenon, Tanya R. Taylor.

Thank you with all of my heart, my Bahamian cookie cake. xoxoxo

Thank you starfish.jpg


It Takes a Village in the World of Writing

A white dove carries the olive branch of peace
A white dove carries the olive branch of peace


It takes a village in the world of writing. Sadly, far too many writers out there “forget” where they came from. They can’t “recall” their humble beginnings. They are unable to “remember” what it was like when they first entered the scene. Yet, I bet ya rear, they were handed an olive branch – or even a fig leaf – to help them on their author path.

First, cookie cakes, let’s not get it twisted thinking some newbies are looking for a handout – they aren’t (at least I would hope not). What they are hoping for is a hand to lift them up. And, if they are pure of heart, they do remember those who walked the ring of fire with them – and who didn’t.

For those who don’t know me, I am going to tell you where I stand on this issue. I remember. I remember everything. I remember those who I have cheered on, encouraged and given a quote that sold their books, resurrected their books, saved their books and made people seek their books. I did this because that is the kind of woman I am.

I believe there is room for everyone to sell their blood, sweat and tears in the form of our published – and soon to be published – works. However, I have seen a shift as I emerge from journalist|interviewer|reviewer to how my colleagues behave. It is a friggin’ jungle out there. I am so thankful to see this now as I set sail on my author journey.

As I hoist my anchor for my voyage, I am also facing the direction of my sails, and that means – steering clear of choppy waters and areas where the sharks wait to devour unsuspecting prey. I am a reserved kinda gal and often it gets misconstrued as aloof|snobby|witchy (insert b for accuracy in place of w). Which is cool with me.

What I want to express is my gratitude to all of those confident women who traveled with me on my journey. CONFIDENT women. Women who don’t tear each other down because they are lacking. Women who share their experience, strength and hope. Sadly, some of these women didn’t even make it to the middle of my journey to become a published author and that is a gift I treasure. Because I know they aren’t meant to travel with me anymore. Perhaps they never were, but I am one of those spirits who believe there is good in everyone. The Trix rabbit isn’t the only silly bunny. And the beauty surrounding my blessing and my lesson is, I know who I want to have in my life based on the actions of others – or lack thereof. For that I am grateful.