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RWA 2018


Join Romance Writers of America for RWA2018 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel in Denver, Colorado, July 18–21.

The RWA Conference is the place where career-focused romance writers gather to make lasting connections and grow their careers—and so much more. When 2,000 romance writers and industry professionals assemble in one place, the sense of community is undeniable.

At the conference, career-focused romance writers can anticipate:

  • education and information,
  • networking with fellow writers,
  • interaction with editors, agents, publishers, vendors, retailers, and other romance publishing industry professionals.

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Traveler’s Notebook


I absolutely adore my Vegan Traveler’s Notebook. I lug it with me everywhere.

What on Earth is a Traveler’s Notebook?

A TN, Traveler’s Notebook, is a book style
 cover that holds assorted smaller notebooks aka inserts with elastic bands.

TN’s can be customized anyway that suits your life.
© 2018 Diane Morasco

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Coming Soon: Destiny. Fate. Karma.

destiny. fate. karma.
Destiny. Fate. Karma. is a poignant collection of poetry and prose from Diane Morasco about destiny, fate, heartbreak, hope, karma, love, triumph, and raw emotions.