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Book Review: Broom Mates by Morgana Best (Seven Pets for Seven Witches: A Collection of Paranormal Cozy Shorts)

51ih1e-g8oL._SY346_Broom Mates is the fun, gripping and witty prequel installment from the immensely talented Morgana Best 
in Seven Pets for Seven Witches: A Collection of Paranormal Cozy Shorts.

Best kicks off her Sea Witch Cozy Mystery Series by introducing readers to her newest character, the charming and sassy, Goldie Bloom.

Best’s playful dialogue, hilarious characters, sharp narrative, and on point whodunit delivery cements her further in the cozy mystery sphere with this stellar standout.

Best is a writer who runs the breadth delighting and hooking a diverse gathering of readers from the most discerning mystery aficionado to the sleuth snob.

Best has a lil’ something-something goin’ on down under for a smorgasbord of readers to lose themselves in, get swept away by and tickle their funny bones.

Best not only has the goods but the chops to dip it and do it and express it in a sundry of ways with a wide array of books available for every palate.

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