a twist

Guess what my work in progress is right now? 🤔 The Sassy Sexy Sin Series.

Here is a lil’ sneak peek of A Twist of Fate with a MOCK COVER. I will share the genesis for this series in another sneak peek next month.


A Twist of Fate (Book 1, Sassy Sexy Sin)

Allegra Nash is tossed for a loop when the incredible guy who went from follower on social media platform Imagenow liking and commenting to friend suddenly blocks her.

Allegra is the one who blocks so she wonders if the incredible guy is not so incredible after all but actually a skilled f*ckboy.

While sharing this latest adventure with her cousin Jess over Bourbon and tacos, Allegra receives a call from her best friend Darla Devereaux. Darla is about to make her debut as host on Sassy Sexy Sin, an American cable, satellite and broadcast television network specializing in sex candy, sex toys and lingerie. Darla is on a product search tour when she suffers a meniscus tear in Cove Bay, Australia. Darla asks Allegra and Jess to hop on the first available flight down under for a little fun in the sun, while she is recuperating.

When Allegra arrives in New South Wales she is shocked to find out that Darla’s physical therapist is none other than Jack Pierce aka f*ckboy.

© 2017 Diane Morasco

Cover © 2017 Diane Nicole Noelle Morasco



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