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Today, my third book, Inspirational Anchors To Ground You Through The Waves of Life, is available exclusively at Amazon. Happy Reading!

Thank you to the lovely ladies who add more glitter and shine to my sparkly star – Summer Prescott, Beth Prentice and Tanya R. Taylor.

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Today’s Wisdom Key

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An insult to a person’s intelligence is when someone has the nerve to take your kindness for weakness. Yet, unbeknownst to them, some very kind people are also very strong and wise people who can “smell a rat a mile away”. So how do you prevent yourself from falling victim of being used? Believe them when they show you who they really are and keep a safe distance. Learn to say No when something inside urges you to, all feelings set aside. Hold on to your dignity, yet continue to be thoughtful of others for it is a virtue. Many users are out there with faces and demeanors of innocent lambs with the warped mentality that people are “disposable” just as their daily trash is.

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agammhbc3Stuck in a snowstorm is bad. Stuck in a snowstorm with the ex-boyfriend you sort-of, kind-of betrayed is even worse. Add a mysterious critter prowling outside and the kooky antics of WPRV, the Most Haunted Radio Station in the USA, and it’s a spooky Christmas like no other.

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