Diversity in Writing

dianes-photoI wanted to chime in on this subject for a quick sec. I have been hearing about “adding diversity” in the writing community lately in my author travels.  I usually don’t pay attention to that gibberish because being a triple fusion of vanilla, caramel and chocolate, I am a diverse cookie cake. However, if there isn’t a representation of diversity in literature, it is because the writers aren’t representin’!

Authors need to stop moaning from the pulpit that there is a lack of diversity in literature – or in the entertainment business for that matter. So, here is my CALL TO ACTION TO MY FELLOW AUTHORS: QUIT YAKKING. What you need to do is get off the soapbox and get to tapping on a keyboard, scribbling on paper or blather away during dictation.

The reason there isn’t a wide spectrum on the shelves is because they aren’t writing about it. Now, please don’t get your intestines in a twist over my words. Diversity runs the gamut from genetically melded characters to food to holidays to atmosphere to disabilities to sexual orientation to The Haves and the Have Nots. It is a gumbo created from the universe we inhabit.

And it should come as no surprise to folks that my characters will be mixed because I am. YESSS, HONEY! I AM REPRESENTIN’!

Check out NaNoWriMo’s Let’s Add Diversity! (featuring Ariel Bissett) to dig into it. #WORD!_amadiversewriter-1



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