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From A Childhood Prayer to Authenticity on November 22nd 2016

With Even Tough Women Can Crack Like Eggs Sometimes entering the world on November 22nd, I want to take a moment to thank the lovely and phenomenal woman who has signed on to edit all my writing stuff. Hahaha!!!

On July 3rd when I was guided to write Even Tough Women Can Crack Like Eggs Sometimes, I hadn’t a clue it would turn into my debut novel. Although, I didn’t, my Creator did. I had other plans – don’t we all? : / It is good to make plans but we know what happens when we do. Something goes awry. I was not “in control” with this decision. Nor have I ever been in control despite fooling myself into believing that I could alter the landscape. How did that work out? Not so great. I decided for this chapter of my life to “go with the flow” as someone used to tell me. I kept my hands off of it. I am not the one steering the yacht. I had to accept the universe was lining up the events for quite a while to bring me to this point. It was when I started to see the connections, cookie cakes, it all made sense. I could not write the book I wanted to until I wrote the book I was designed to. In fact, I couldn’t write any book at all if I didn’t write Even Tough Women Can Crack Like Eggs Sometimes. I wasn’t too thrilled with this fact; however, it is the way the universe knitted the fabric of me. Would I change it? Nope. Not at all.

As the manuscript wraps up and leaves my sheltered nest, I am feeling a plethora of emotions. There will be edits and there will be a goodbye. I am passing a piece of my soul on to someone to polish and shine my life into a remarkable masterpiece. A masterpiece that will not remove my voice. I was terrified to do this because I did not want an editor to scrub any pieces of me away to make it “commercial” ready. Thankfully, it isn’t going to happen. My heartache, sobs and victories will glisten through her exceptional editing skills. She will zoom in with a keen eye and polish with a pure heart. A woman who not only knows me, but understands me. Yes, this is my first novel. Yes, I am nervous. Yes, I don’t know what to expect. But what I do know for sure is, I was gifted by the universe to have a remarkable travel companion on my publishing journey. So, when you see my name as author, please know the clarity and flow is due to my phenomenal editor, Tanya R. Taylor. Yes, the prolific storytelling phenomenon, Tanya R. Taylor.

Thank you with all of my heart, my Bahamian cookie cake. xoxoxo

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7 thoughts on “From A Childhood Prayer to Authenticity on November 22nd 2016

  1. Wow! I am so moved by this, Diane. I am glad to be here with you on this very special journey and look forward to the day when your debut title and others are released. God bless you.

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    1. Thank you for your touching sentiment, Tanya. I am blessed by the gifts bestowed upon me during this journey – it’s a remarkable time. Celebrations all around. 🙂 God bless you and yours. Thank you again for being a vital par of my prayer.

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