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Time Management Tips for Writers: #2: Email or text your ideas when you’re out and about!


Greetings Writer Cookie Cakes!

One of the biggest challenges a writer faces today is making efficient use of their time. Way too often we get sucked into the social media vortex and lose precious time. And to make matters worse, we fool ourselves into thinking we are marketing and networking to justify the hours chomped up clicking, liking, posting, and sharing. Oy!

As an Indie author wearing all the hats, even if you outsource some of your work, this is detrimental to you as a writer. In a nutshell, it will place a boulder and eventually create a sinkhole on your publishing road to triumph. Is this what you want? NOOO, HONEY! Ya don’t. At least, I hope not. And, if it is, please enlighten me as to why ya want ya arse in a friggin’ ditch? Please, fill me in, so I don’t waste my precious time bustin’ my rump helping you to fill those potholes. I am not into perspiring. Well, only during exercise and… Oops! Never mind. Hahaha!

For the next few weeks, I am going to share some tips on how to manage your time more productively so you can get your drafts, edits and novels completed on schedule. And, don’t ya dare say, ya don’t have a schedule. *wink*

Time Management Tips for Writers: #2: Email or text your ideas when you’re out and about!

I love this. I do this and have for years. What do you do when your creative brilliance powers on? And not just a lil’ ol’ light bulb, cookie cakes, I am talkin’ about lights as bright as Broadway. YESSS, HONEY! That is what I’m talkin’ bout. But there is no pen or paper within our grasp? Uh oh! Just email or text it to yourself. Ya don’t have to fret your brilliant mind ‘because you have it covered.

See ya next week for my next Time Management Tips for Writers!



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