It’s a pumpkin kinda night!

Autumn2It’s four days into September already, can ya believe it, cookie cakes? Where on earth has the summer gone? The temps are dipping at night and the hint of autumn is slipping in. Autumn is my favorite season. I celebrated the first of September with a cup of white hot chocolate with a splash of pumpkin syrup and a pumpkin muffin fresh from Dunkin’. It was a delicious treat. In fact, it is one I will treat myself to weekly – the pumpkin muffins while in season.

As the chilly weather moves in, I have no cooler weather clothes. Funny thing is, I bought a summer wardrobe in the spring, but by the time I slipped into them, they were too baggy to wear. I dropped over 60lbs by working out and eating healthier since Memorial Day. I still have a closetful of clothes with the tags still on them. One thing I am not doing anymore is saving them “just in case” my rump digits back up. Nope, I will be donating them through my charity.peanuts-september-304602_440095289374566_605781639_n

As Autumn beckons the cooler temperatures to caress Mother Nature, and we settle in with a luxurious blanket – no throws for me. Nooo, Honey! I want to be able to wrap my trio of blessings up with me as we settle in to read, watch television, or listen to music piping out of my Bose with a hot chocolate from Dunkin’ 0r…one this cookie cake will make over the stove and sip with my beautiful Temptations mug. Even I can do that with my #SPOILEDBRATPROBLEMS! Wink.

I wish you and your loved ones a beautiful and vibrant September!



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