Give someone…Teach someone…



4 thoughts on “Give someone…Teach someone…”

  1. Here’s a trick: Write the first draft for yourself as if no one else will ever read it. Write the next dozen or so to an imaginary best friend or lover who adores you and thinks you’re a genius. Polish the final draft for a your high school English teacher.

    Then, and only then, submit it, but do so with the intention of catching a fish, not being caught. You are baiting your hook with a masterpiece and finding out who realizes it. It turns the tables and keeps anxiety out of the mix.

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    1. Love it! Thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope. I believe the first draft is to get it out, so I am inclined to believe we are on the same wavelength. I will have to incorporate your other tidbits as I move along with my author crown on. ;). Again, thank you for sharing, All Thoughts Work™! Enjoy your weekend!


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