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Tales from a Gadget Princess!

LG HBS-770-feature2-GoldI will be the first to admit, I am a “Gadget Princess”! Shocker, right? Nope!

I am the kinda woman who loves the juicy goodness my electronics bring to my world. Good gravy! I just love my devices. Since I have Attention Diane Boredom Disorder, I have quite the collection. My eyes light up like a Park Avenue Princess in Tiffany’s when I see a new electronic cross my path. I kid you not. Let’s not get it twisted, cookie cakes, my eyes do sparkle when presented with a bright and shiny bauble, but it has to stir something within me or else, keep it moving like cattle in a herd on a no-kill farm. Got that? NO-KILL!

White metals are what I gravitate toward for jewels; however, lately, when it comes to electronics, the siren call of gold has been luring me to the golden molten side. Hahaha! And soon, I will be jumping over to rose gold territory. I see ROSE GOLD in them hills, cookie cakes. I do, I do declare! 😉

Remember, I have Attention Diane Boredom Disorder, so I can’t help myself. It is the nature of the affliction.addtext_com_MjMyMTAxNzkxNzE

And, the latest gadget, to come into my world, is the sleek LG TONE PRO™ Wireless Stereo Headset HBS-770 in Gold. I love ‘em for writing and my workouts. I also have #SPOILEDBRATPROBLEMS and these little gems help me get my writing done and my exercise in. I am really surprised with how fab they are. Ya impressed me with the sound quality BIG TIME LG. Wooo- Hooo! Ya did good with your TONE PRO™ Wireless, but you failed epically with the LG Leon phone I bought last summer while stranded here in the sticks. I wasn’t expecting you to compete with my iPhone, but come on now, it totally bites!!!

MEGA BITES! I couldn’t take the frustration anymore, so I chucked it for a gold Samsung Galaxy S7 this weekend. Aahhh, what a wonderful world it is.Samsung-Galaxy-S7-edge-in-gold

Have a terrific week, cookie cakes!



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