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Writing Detour!

HAUNTED CRUISE COVER (jpg)I caved! I caved like a sandcastle hit by a wave. For the last month, I have not listened to anything while writing, Even Tough Bitches Crack Like Eggs Sometimes. I didn’t read any fiction…until the siren call of Haunted Cruise by the brilliant wordsmith, Tanya R. Taylor.

While writing a powerful chapter, I needed something to get me through all the emotions I was encased in. I took a break and blasted an array of music — mostly, hip-hop. New and old-school. After being drained from completing that chapter, I needed a treat. GLTLL

And I have been treating myself to a chapter every night before bed. It hasn’t been easy to read just one. I have a feeling all of that will change tonight, as I gear up to begin another emotionally driven chapter. And I will be treating myself with Tanya R. Taylor’s library of chillers, the incredible Gina LaManna’s latest, Two Little Lies, and the gifted Sibel Hodge’s, Untouchable.


I am not a martyr, so I will give myself the gift of comfort by relaxing in the pages of their books.Untouchable%20web


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