eBook Review: Clambake Murder by Summer Prescott


SPCBMSynopsis: Clambake Caterer Becca Rogers is back from her Caribbean vacation ready to plunge headlong into the busy season. With back to back weddings and more beachfront clambakes than she can handle, Becca has no idea of the heart-pounding thrills and chills she’s about to experience, and how grateful she’ll be to be rescued by her hero-in-residence, the handsome and shy Detective Lance Reynolds.

My thoughts: It is evident with this second outing Summer Prescott is a talent to watch. Clambake Murder is an entertaining blend of courage, fun, homicide, mystery, quirkiness, and tenderness nestled in a novella.

Clambake Murder showcases the wide range Prescott has as a storyteller. With Clambake Murder it is clear Prescott found both her confidence and footing to deliver to readers the goods by digging deeper with character, plot and setting. She blew the first book in the series out of the water and I LOVED that one. Kudos to Prescott for writing in panoramic view as opposed to a simple snapshot on an old Fuji.


I have no doubt that the talented Prescott’s storytelling skills are akin to fine wine – she will only get better with age…as in with each book she writes.


Copyright © 2016 by Diane Morasco


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