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eBook Review: Grilled and Seasoned with Murder by J R Pearson

JPJRB1Synopsis: Josie Rizzo has a lot on her plate. (Double bacon cheeseburger not included).

She and her furry companion, Petey, set out to start fresh in the food loving town of Greenville. Josie is excited to introduce the readers of her food blog to the town’s delicious creations.

But when a young woman is murdered at a local burger joint, Josie must sacrifice all she has planned to accomplish to prevent a person from her past from being wrongly accused of the woman’s death.

And things start to heat up when the killer sets his sights on Josie.

Will she be able to enjoy Greenville’s belly-rubbing cuisines and begin a new chapter in her life?

Or will the killer cut Josie’s dreams short and make sure that basket of onion rings are her last?


My thoughts: Despite the slight editing blemishes my eyes discovered, but my mind promptly revised, J R Pearson is the breakout cozy mystery debut star of 2016!

Pearson’s Josie Rizzo Cozy Mystery – with a culinary twist – radiantly captures the essence of a smart, sparkling, stylish contemporary cozy mystery.

Pearson’s Grilled and Seasoned with Murder is sassy, scrumptious and savvy. Pearson effortlessly delivers the goods and keeps readers salivating for more.

Amateur sleuth Josie Rizzo is a stellar standout and Pearson simply ignites with her energizing cozy debut. Warning: Petey  will steal your heart!

Pearson’s storytelling is flawless. Pearson breathes new life into a genre that is excessively saturated, exceedingly cooked and desperately decayed with the same old drivel.

Many seasoned scribes in both the cozy genre and the culinary cozy subgenre need to follow Pearson’s lead and shake up the game or turn in their chocolate chips.

Pearson is undeniably a star on the rise and is reviving the cozy and culinary categories, not to mention, setting a blaze under the complacent buttery buttocks who churn out the same ole’ same ole’ recycled slop.

Pearson is Good Readin’ for the Cozy Readers Soul!DM JRQ

Visit J R Pearson’s website.

Click here to read J R’s Writers on Writing interview.


Copyright © 2016 by Diane Morasco


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