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eBook Review: Motion for Mistletoe by Kelly Rey

MotionformistletoeSynopsis: When Jamie Winters’ elderly neighbor Jack disappears a week before Christmas, Jamie pairs up with her landlord’s fearless teenaged niece to find him. Only the more they look into his disappearance, the more they begin to believe Jack is not the man they thought he was…and he bears a suspiciously striking resemblance to jolly old Santa Claus. One carjacking, some spooky reindeer, a little person, and a skinny green man later, Jamie winds up getting way more than she bargained for this holiday season!


My thoughts: Oh the weather outside is frightful

But Rey’s holiday short story is so delightful

And since we’ve no place to go

Let us read let us read let us read

Motion for Mistletoe


Rey is fiercely sharp from start to finish in this quirky holiday mystery. A spunky sense of humor and a gift for the wacky propel Jamie and her buddies front and center. This jaunt in the Jamie Winters Mysteries shoots straight to your funny bone.


Motion for Murder is a madcap adventure teeming with feel-good moments, hearty fun and eccentric characters. Incontestably, the exuberant Maizy steals the show.


Rey delivers an impressive, well-plotted and well-written holiday treat that leaves readers eager to whet their appetite with all of Jamie Winters’ wacky investigations!


Review first appeared in Long Island Book Reviews Examinerdia.


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