Book Review: Scooped by Gina LaManna

Gina LaManna EB1 ScoopedThe best tidbit I can offer Gina LaManna with her Lacey Luzzi Mystery series is for the comparison to Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series to stop. IMMEDIATELY. I believe this association is encumbering LaManna’s reader reach for those who aren’t fans of Evanovich’s and for those who were fans but grew tired of Evanovich’s gimmicky ways to hold on to a series that should have ended years ago with a bang…or at least on a graceful note.

LaManna’s Lacey Luzzi Mystery series is as alluring as a sunrise, as vivacious as Macy’s Fourth of July extravaganza and as striking as a sunset. While Evanovich and her Plum series are antiquated fossils, extinct dinosaurs on par with dial-up, and have jumped the proverbial shark as they say in Hollywood. When it comes to the comedic mystery genre, the impressive, inexhaustible and invigorating LaManna is in a class by herself. Scooped: a prequel novella introduces a charismatic new sleuth and Meg. Yes, Meg. Trust me, for now, Meg is enough! LaManna also presented us with an attention-grabbing array of secondary characters worth investing in. Scooped is a quick paced, sidesplitting and well-developed kickoff to the series.

Scooped is a cool, delectable and exciting treat to those just starting out on their Lacey Luzzi excursion or for those already traversing the Luzzi terrain. Scooped delivers the goods of an impeccably crafted tale with a refreshing cliffhanger that will have you rushing to purchase and racing to read the first full-length outing, Sprinkled.

LaManna indisputably has a surefire smash on her hands with her Lacey Luzzi Mystery series.

Copyright © 2016 by Diane Morasco

Review first appeared in Long Island Book Reviews Examiner.


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