Book Review: One Little Wish by Gina LaManna

GL OLW Book 1Synopsis: In this southern cozy mystery, Mack Montgomery gets his second chance at love. But first, a dead body, a high school reunion, and a feisty heroine get in his way.

My thoughts: Gina LaManna is one consummate storyteller. LaManna’s writing is flawless. LaManna’s storytelling is enchanting.

LaManna is such a vibrantly evocative scribe I felt my skin glisten and congeal with dust and grime from the Texas heat Scarlett endured walking down Main Street in Luck, Texas in the midst of bone chilling -19 degree temps!

One Little Wish is breathtaking, enthralling and heart-wrenching.

The cast of characters are masterfully crafted, delightful, eccentric, and high-spirited. Scarlett is authentic, energizing and thoughtful. Scarlett Powers is the best fictional heroine to come along in ages!

One Little Wish sparkles with the ache, force, intelligence, mystery, proficiency, and sentiment for which LaManna should be celebrated for!

One Little Wish is the gem which places LaManna firmly in the ranks of literary star status.

Review first appeared in Long Island Book Reviews Examiner.

Copyright © 2016 by Diane Morasco


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