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Book Review: Every Waking Moment by Meryl Sawyer

MS Every Waking MomentSynopsis:

He Is Watching…

A series of personal misfortunes have left Taylor Maxwell reeling. Even a sexy new neighbor in her South Beach apartment complex has no effect on her — except to make her uneasy. Taylor is suspicious of Shane Donovan’s interest in her, and she doesn’t know why…

He Is Waiting…

Shane is the last person Taylor expects to see at her mother’s house. Recently diagnosed with cancer, Taylor’s mother now wants to find the daughter that she had put up for adoption years ago — and she’s hired Shane’s security firm to help.

He Is Ready To Kill…

When a woman is found who may be her mother’s child, Taylor and Shane don’t buy it. There’s too much at stake — including millions of dollars — to take anything or anyone at face value. Just as Taylor’s misgivings about Shane begin to change, her newly discovered sister is killed. Unknown to Taylor, someone has been thriving on the chaos in her family, a devious and patient killer who is playing a game he intends win — at any cost…


Every Waking Moment was my introduction to Sawyer’s yummy romantic thriller.  Sawyer laces Every Waking Moment with family conflict, romantic fireworks, chilling suspense, and heat. HEAT!

The steamy drenched backdrop for Sawyer’s expertly plotted, notably engaging novel is SoBe (South Beach) and the Keys (Florida Keys), which is a character all its own. Sawyer won me over with a credibly flawed cast and a well-written plot that doesn’t waver once. How is that so? Simple – Sawyer has impeccable storytelling skills.

Sawyer validates her talent, illustrates her twists and doesn’t box herself into a corner with a “great idea” and drops the ball because she was lacking the chops to execute the move.  Sawyer brought home the gold and the verity is contained within the 416 pages of Every Waking Moment.

Sawyer has crafted a sharp, unforgettable tale filled with passion, chills and enough fervor to keep you turning the pages at a rapid pace.

Sawyer is a glimmering pearl in the desert heat and not an author to miss.

Copyright © 2016 by Diane Morasco

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