Stellar Series Spotlight: One Little Wish (The Little Things Series) by Gina LaManna

GL OLW Book 1Growing up books were my sanctuary. I would curl up and read with my pets, my cousin’s pets when I was sleeping over or just visiting her house. Christine’s pets ranged from birds to cats to dogs to ducks to turtles! I definitely hold “story time” with Petey, Kim, Yim, Cocoa, Sammie, General, Fifi, Daisy, Donald, and the rest of the menagerie as a precious memory during a turbulent childhood.

I had a bunch of books, comics, and magazines at the beach, on the boat, in the car, at the doctor, at picnics, sitting poolside, at school, and visiting my ma’s family. I always had something with me to read. As a child, reading was my escape, my haven and my stillness from an extremely chaotic upbringing and it is my bliss, my calmness and my refuge as an adult.

I have been challenged, encouraged, and solaced by the written word.

I will share my new favorites and all-time beloved reads with you in my Spotlight Titles. I hope you discover or rediscover a cherished friend.

This week’s Stellar Series Spotlight is One Little Wish  (Book 1 in The Little Things Series) by Gina LaManna.

Cheers to the written word!


Copyright © 2016 by Diane Morasco


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