Book Review: Dead Pan by Gayle Trent

Dead-Pan-248x383Synopsis: For the second time in as many months, Daphne Martin finds herself telling a police officer, “I just delivered the cake.” Several people became sick at Brea Ridge Pharmaceuticals’ annual holiday party for its employees, and one–Fred Duncan–died.

Fred’s mother insists on Daphne’s help in learning why Fred died; and since none of the food has yet been exonerated, Daphne feels compelled to find out what made everyone so ill. She’s pretty sure it wasn’t her cake, but she can’t be certain until the police complete the lab results. Was this an accident? Or did someone set out to kill Fred?

My Thoughts: Trent’s sophomore jaunt in the superfluous culinary cozy genre features remarkable characters, on point storytelling, a charismatic setting, and plenty of suspects to keep you guessing. And, of course, there’s the scrumptious pastries. Dead Pan is a definite winner sure to appeal to readers of all genres.

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