Book Review: Come Home by Lisa Scottoline

LS CHLisa Scottoline is one bad ass storyteller. There I said it. You know what? It feels so darn good to finally get it out there. Scottoline has skill, style and a superb flair for narration. Writing this decadent should be illegal. Ironic considering Scottoline began her legal career with a clerkship for President Judge Edmund B. Spaeth, Jr. of the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Come Home deftly delivers enough volatile suspense to keep the reader engaged until the end is one sitting. Trust me, bookmarks are not needed for Scottoline’s latest release.

Readers will be consumed with Scottoline’s irresistible cast of players. Once again she smoothly delivers a family to root for, cry alongside, get angry with, and become a part of. Scottoline has coined and secured a new niche “BAM’s” – Bad Ass Moms. Scottoline’s dazzling characters illuminate like fireflies in an indigo sky and will ingrain themselves inside your craw for many evenings to come. Jill is a powerhouse and one of Scottoline’s most fervent creations. Scottoline’s plot ignites an intense fire that rages unremittingly and with the skill of a magician, Scottoline’s magnetic pull will leave readers mesmerized.

Dr. Jill Farrow has at last put the pieces of her and daughter’s lives together after a rancorous divorce. She is set to remarry and her thirteen-year-old, Megan, is a well-adjusted adolescent with a full social calendar. All of that changes when her ex-stepdaughter, Abby, arrives on her threshold late one evening with news that Jill’s ex-husband is dead. Abby declares that her father was murdered and implores Jill to aid her in exposing his killer.

Jill halfheartedly resolves to do a bit of sleuthing and learns that things don’t measure up. As she investigates, things at home become precarious, and Jill’s own life is threatened. Still she can’t turn her back on Abby – a child she loves and once called her own.

Come Home is a brilliant standalone brimming with intrigue, mystery, and enough peril to qualify for a stress test. Scottoline hits every emotional fiber with laser precision and navigates the reader through a series of sensations to the heart-pounding conclusion. Once you start reading you will be unable to turn the pages of this exhilarating novel fast enough.

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