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Book Review: Shattered by Liz Lipperman

LL ShatteredJennifer Lozano was hoping a few days on the sandy beaches of Costa Rica would help ease the pain of a broken heart. Little did she know when she walked into the airport terminal with the Dallas businessman she’d end up a hostage for a group of Colombian rebels after a botched kidnapping attempt. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that one of her captors has plans to dump her body on the side of the road after they use her to escape. But the rebel leader has been wounded in the battle, and as long as Jenny can keep him alive, she lives another day.

A persevering, shrewd, rock-solid, substantial thriller from the prolific Lipperman is what Shattered is in a nutshell!
Diane Morasco, Blogcritics

Book Review: The Good Daughter by Diana Layne


4 1/2 Stars TOP PICK! RT Book Reviews:

Calling this book “old-school Jackie Collins with a Gotti twist and enough heat to melt Alaska” still doesn’t begin to describe how explosive it is. This is a turn-off-all-electronic-devices, one-sit read, with impressive characters, a transfixing plot and enough breathtaking action to knock your socks off! Layne has star power in spades.

~Diane Morasco, RT Book Reviews May 2012

Book Review: Mortal Deception by Lizabeth Lipperman

MortalDeceptionA mix of deceit and lies rocks the world of a dying child, an ex-cop on a mission to clear her dead husband’s name and an anesthesiologist who desperately wants out of a loveless marriage. To save her nephew’s life, the young widow seduces the doctor accused of murdering his wife. But even as she collects evidence that proves he’s the killer, she can’t stop her heart from falling for him. Until the game turns DEADLY…

…deftly balances all the juicy elements – romance, chills, heat, and suspense – into one eloquently orchestrated symphony titled Mortal Deception….Move over Sandra Brown ’cause Liz is the heir apparent to your literary throne!
…….. Diane Morasco, Seattle Post