Book Review: Shattered by Liz Lipperman

LL ShatteredJennifer Lozano was hoping a few days on the sandy beaches of Costa Rica would help ease the pain of a broken heart. Little did she know when she walked into the airport terminal with the Dallas businessman she’d end up a hostage for a group of Colombian rebels after a botched kidnapping attempt. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that one of her captors has plans to dump her body on the side of the road after they use her to escape. But the rebel leader has been wounded in the battle, and as long as Jenny can keep him alive, she lives another day.

A persevering, shrewd, rock-solid, substantial thriller from the prolific Lipperman is what Shattered is in a nutshell!
Diane Morasco, Blogcritics

My Writing Life: How it Starts!

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I start by grabbing a notebook for every project. I write down every single thought that pops into my head. I scribble down ideas, character sketches, descriptions of individuals, settings, background information, and any details I need to flesh out or incorporate.

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